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Offer a wide choice of excursion programs:
- Day tours,
- Half day excursions,
- Tours and miniture,
- City breaks
- Tour program on "order".

I have the license # 47/2016 from "Tourismo de Portugal"

What can I say about myself ? It’s not a simple matter, but I’ll do my best.
I was born to great parents in Sokolniki, where I got used to taking walks with my parents and friends. There I lived and worked, and there my sons were born.

Sokolniki and Losiny Ostrov, as well as museums and theaters have become regular places for me to visit and my profession has led to me returning throughout the rest of my life.

I graduated from Moscow state pedagogical Institute n. a. Lenin, faculty of history.
Despite it having been a lot of work, it is remarkable since study at school and institute were not in vain.
We were taught acting in the teaching profession, psychology, art history, literature, archaeology, palaeography, numismatics and much more.

I worked in Moscow schools for 12 years and as a teacher my life consisted of numerous trips, gatherings, museums, theatres, festivals, competitions and of course lessons where I taught history, the basics of state and law and the foundations of philosophy.
Hiking and educational tours have long been part of both my life and profession.
I’ve lived in Portugal since 2002 and from 2011 to 2015 I have worked in the tourist company "ALTOSOL".

I’ve always loved snow and rain, well water, the smell of fallen leaves, frosty air... understand what I mean? Well here in Portugal, I’m so comfortable that to the things I love I am ready to add the hot sun, the “scorching” heat, the water of the ocean, the warm wind, the fog and clouds in the winter, the first rain after a hot summer...

I wish to share these beautiful things with others.

Предлагаю широкий выбор экскурсионных программ:
- Экскурсии на целый день,
- Экскурсии на полдня,
- Туры и мини-туры,
- Сити-брейки
- Экскурсионные программы на "заказ&".

Имею лицензию № 47/2016 от "Tourismo de Portugal"

Spoken languages: Portuguese, Russian


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